The Essence of all Essence – Part 1

True Nature has many names but ultimately it is undefinable. Language falls short to describe our fundamental nature. Imagine a world where we simply knew I Am awareness, that we are wholeness already. This creative principal is who we are. It has no duality. It is infinite.


  1. satchitanand says:

    yes there is many names we can give to our true nature. buddha calls it dhamma.laotsu calls it tao. but unfortunately people dont follow the true nature they follow social conditioning and morality. they follow others but not their own wisdom. they have bookish or intelectual knowledge but not wisdom or response. a response comes from no mind. and reaction comes from borrowed knowledge or from past space of being in let go in relaxation you connect with your true nature. all becoming and doing creats anxiety. if you follow your true nature you wont have anxiety,neurosis,schiziophrania. in living moment to moment here and now you connect with your true nature.thanks fro sharing. satchianand

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